What Is Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Has anyone ever really answered the question, “What is affiliate marketing for beginners“? We’ve all read the titles and watched some videos, and somewhere down the line have become interested. Still, In this new era of digital marketing, surely, a great percentage of the global population, especially North America, have gained some knowledge of what an affiliate is. Does the mean we should completely understand exactly what affiliate “marketing” is?

First, We Must Factually Define The Term Affiliate

For beginner’s sake, allow me to shed some light on this question, and I’ll do my best to answer the latter as well. If you
aren’t familiar with the term “affiliate,” I will explain THAT word first, then we can move on to the part that you must have to BE an affiliate marketer. I’ll start by asking the third question first, one that a beginner might actually already know the

answer to, but even some advanced marketers will get a kick out of it. Though this may come as a shock under the radar, did you know that many major companies are actually affiliate companies? Big named brands, too. For instance, the big guy… Amazon.com, one of Amazon’s up-teen global domains, the dot ‘com’ location particularly originating in our favorite space, the North American region; Many consumers don’t realize, undoubtedly because they are a sort of enormous multitude cluster of stores; plus being the largest online retailer in the world is a sort of big deal, that even with all its glory and might, is still technically considered anaffiliate” marketing company.

Yes, sir, I said it. Amazon is an affiliate of anyone who sells on their platform. They are the middleman, the hang around, the bridge, the “let me sell your stuff so I can make money” affiliate.

They are 100% a “let’s sign a contract, and I will pay you a percentage of my revenue for sending customers to my store” affiliate. They happen to be on a huge global platform.

Well, guess what? You’re in the right place because they are always looking for more affiliates to sign up. Amazon calls them their “associates.”

As Crocodile Dundee Would Say: That’s Not A Store…

When you send people to Amazon through your affiliate links and buy something, which that’s one good thing about their Amazon Associates Program, the referee doesn’t have to buy the exact product you send them to. They could click on your link for dog training leashes and go 3 categories over and buy a diamond ring the next day, and you would make a huge commission as long as it was less than 24 hours later. Please don’t quote me on that; Amazon is constantly changing their regulations. But no worries, I’ve got something for you in a minute that practically teaches Amazon how to run an affiliate business correctly.

So, I’m hoping this is helping you fully determine, as a beginner, what an affiliate is. Now, we get to delve into the marketing side, and I’ll let you in on a few affiliate marketing tips you really shouldn’t leave here without.

So what do you think about Amazon actually being the middleman of hundreds of thousands of merchants… a shocker? Not really, I know; it’s hard to think of them that way. So you’re welcome, Bezos. Millions of people around the world are using your store to sell their stuff.

Be Like Bezos… Be An Affiliate Marketer

Wouldn’t it be great if millions of people came to your online store to pay you to hold their stuff and sell it? Well, that’s what being an affiliate is, except one little people level, us down here off the Amazon cloud, have to go out and find our affiliate partners. I’ll leave you a list below of some super high quality, loyal friends of mine. Well, check this out.

This will clear things up. I’ve listed below here from the current Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, legal definitions of what they think should define an affiliate:
Verbaf·fil·i·ate | \ ə-ˈfi-lē-ˌāt \affiliated; affiliating

Legal Definition of affiliate

1to bring or receive into the close association as a member or division

2to join or associate as a member or division

3: to connect or associate oneself — usually used with has just affiliated with the huge corporation

4: an affiliated person or organization specifically: a business entity effectively controlling or controlled by another or associated with others under common ownership or control

Affiliate Marketing’s Most Important Prerequisite

First thing first, get your mind right. If one were to get control of theirs correctly, your mindset could play a HUGE role in whether you succeed in any industry. Affiliate marketing has a way of gripping ahold of a marketer’s emotions and playing with their brain a little until they are to the point of success, then put you right back in your place before you take that one last little step, well, the place you think you are.

Suppose you aren’t right in the head and have your mental guidelines in check, meaning YOU and you alone. There’s no one A woman sitting peacefully at sunset gazing off into the mountains thinking about her business. If you click this image, it will take you to an Amazon page with meditational products to help with meditation and focus on your business.reading this, but you and you will be the only one marketing your affiliate products.

Remember that affiliate marketing isn’t a making friend’s game. It is, unfortunately, a money business. Any business is a business too because they want to make money, correct? So why should you be any different? You need to do your daily tasks just like any other successful business does.

Yes, it is always good to network and make partners and create partnerships and joint ventures, but… when all the companies cut the checks, will it be your name on them, the vendors, the merchants, and the investors? I could go on. Out of all of them… I guarantee you the ones who are grounded in their minds, are the ones who have had crazy success.

So please, before you do anything else, gather some simple breathing exercises you can do daily before you sit down at the computer; a glass of water helps too, and make sure you are clear with what your goals are and what it will take to reach them. Treat it like a business… because it is, and you’ll succeed much farther as an affiliate marketer who knows how to “mind his/her own business.”

Once you get good at developing business mindset, you are ready to go after your favorite niche, start researching for affiliate opportunities and choose a product from that niche. Easier said than done, but don’t forget I’ve still got a few things to show you.

How To Choose An Affiliate Product “Niche”

Here’s a quick beginner affiliate marketing tip before we move on. It really makes no difference what you choose as a niche product. If it’s on Amazon, someone is buying it. You have to be the one to get between that product and the product’s buyer, and you’re golden.

Yes, it’s always a good thing if that product is already selling like crazy, but you also have to think about competition. Saturation not so much, but competition is another story. Now, if you can find a niche topic that you enjoy, are passionate about, or have some kind of connection to, you can get into that mindset a little easier, and that can be a tremendous help moving forward.

Just be open to the fact that you have literally millions upon millions of niches to choose from.

The Only Affiliate Platform You Will Ever Need

Okay, this is that juice I was telling you about. Suppose you’ve read this far, congratulations. You are about to change your life. How do I know this? Because I’ve been where you are. I’ve been searching for answers, looking for that one thing, that one These are a few smooth sauna stones each engraved with their own virtues; Harmony, Courage, Inspire, and Dream to help with the motivation of any beginning affiliate marketers who read this article. It is also in hopes that they are able to gather a business mindset moving forward. If you click on the image, it is linked to an Amazon page with meditational and motivating music the reader may be further interested in. You will find a whole album of 432 HZ tones, one of the authors favorite tunes to get into a mellow state.business that I could click with and put my own efforts into and watch flourish and be proud of. I’ve been in the trenches, and that is no joke.

It would help if you read an article I wrote about this; you would like it. It’s called When The Door of Opportunity Knocks On Your Door, Open It With No Pants On… or here’s my favorite about my thoughts on entrepreneurship over at Medium. My username is @danpdarnell. They say if you write one article a day for a year straight (365 days), then by the time you finish out the year, you’ll never have to worry about money again..something like that. Well, if that is true, then what I’m about to send you to is perfect for it without a single doubt in my mind.

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It basically talks about having to be ready to jump when your time comes. You already know you are close. You can feel it…

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I’ve got more up my sleeve, so seriously… Now, are you finally ready to learn affiliate marketing? Please send me a message next chance you get and send you a few more of my other favorite resources.

Check out the link… and welcome, my friend… welcome.

Best of success,

Dan Darnell | CEO

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