It has been and still will be a long mission towards a level we want to be, but we know by 

implementing the following virtues according to Points of Light (learn more), staying focused 

on the end goal, and allowing an open door approach... it's only a matter of time before the fruits

of our labor will thrive to help many people with a seamless and welcoming offer to keep the less-fortunate

motivated and coming back again and again to ultimately change their life and the lives of those

around them. Please join in on this awesome mission... 

Welcome to!

(We are not affiliated with "Ponts of Light", only inspired by their mission. Click here to learn more.)

  • Investment: Invests its resources in community engagement and social impact, including employee time and skills, cash, in-kind giving and public leadership.
  • Integration: How the company integrates its community engagement and social impact programs throughout its business functions and interests (i.e., “does well by doing good”).
  • Impact: How the company measures the social and business impact outcomes of its community engagement and social impact programs.

"These fine points were gladly taken to heart personally from the website mentioned. I couldn't help but share. Hey new friend, it's Dan, the creator of I just wanted to welcome and congratulate you for taking the first step to a better situation... but, don't stop here... Keep going! I placed a gift for you on the next page that I know you'll love, especially if you're just starting out. See you there!"~Dan

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